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Our Services and Prices

Residential move

A residential move is a move made in Montreal and the surrounding area. Moves in Laval and on the South Shore of Montreal are included in this zone. Pricing is based on an hourly rate for a service that includes 2-3 men and a 18 or 22 foot truck.

We also offer packaging services to our customers at competitive prices.

Regular prices OUT OF SEASON for a LOCAL MOVEMENT:

$ 80 / hr for a moving van with a mover as a driver,

$ 100 per hour for 2 movers,

$ 130 per hour for 3 movers,

$ 30 per hour for each additional mover.

Our rates include:


  • Full insurance of $ 10,000,

  • A moving truck,

  • Your movers,

  • Clean covers, cleaned regularly,

  • Gasoline,

  • New mattress covers to prevent mattress infection by bedbugs,

  • Floor coverings,

  • Wardrobe boxes,

  • Belts, tools and trolleys, ...

Our rates do not include extras for special items:


  • Upright piano,

  • Grand piano,

  • Marble table, glass table,

  • Works of art,

  • Safe,

  • Any furniture that does not go through doors, ...

Our rates do not include extras for:


  • A 55-inch TV (or more) that is not in its original box,

  • Anything that is worth more than $ 5,000,

  • Anything that requires unusual stunts,

  • Anything that weighs more than 400 pounds, ...


To avoid any unforeseen expenses, thank you to announce us any special object during your quote request.

Here, we like everything to be clear. Here's how we count billable work time:

The time begins when our movers arrive home and finish when they leave the destination.

Travel expenses are charged according to the distance. For example, 60 minutes for the round trip to Montreal.

Minimum of 2 hours of work and 1 hour of travel.


For example: If our movers arrive at your home in Montreal at 8:00 and they leave at 11:00 from your new home also in Montreal:

The billed time will be:

30 minutes to get to your parking lot

3 hours of moving,

30 minutes to get back to our parking lot.

That's a total of 4 hours.

Please call (514) 991-1712 for the amount of travel expenses for your move.

Camion avec chauffeur

Packaging and assembly

We are sensitive to the value of your personal belongings. Packing can be one of the biggest challenges, so moving Tetris Moving can help you pack, box and seal your items, while paying close attention to your fragile items.

In addition, our team specializes in the assembly and assembly of furniture and office furniture from the following stores: BoConcept, Brick, Brault and Martineau, Staples, Costco, Germain Larivière, Home Depot, JC Perreault, IKEA, La Baie, Mariette Clermont, Mobilia, Philippe Dagenais, RONA, Sears and Structube and all the other stores. Get in touch with us before making your purchase and we can even help you with the delivery of your property and also offer the assembly service.


Long distance moving

Beyond a radius of 50 kilometers from Montreal, a move will be considered "long distance". Pricing is at the hourly rate when work can be done in the same day, otherwise a lump sum will be charged for longer work. For example, a move to Toronto or elsewhere in Canada will usually be billed as an all-inclusive package, but a move to Quebec City will usually be charged on time.

You can entrust us with your goods for long distance trips in peace.

Assurance dommages

Commercial moving

We are as considerate for our commercial customers as for our residential customers. Our specialty is the small and medium business. Being a small business ourselves, we know exactly what you are looking for:

A personalized and flexible service.

Competitive prices, on time or package, and a visit to your company to properly assess your needs.

A long-term business relationship, because you have something else to do than look for suppliers.

We are aware of the impact that relocation of your business can have on your day-to-day business. In addition to disassembling, transporting and installing equipment safely, we ensure that all aspects of the move are planned to minimize downtime.